Current Constitution

IEEE WSU Student Chapter Constitution

Name of Organization:

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Student Chapter - Washington State University. For the purpose of the rest of the Constitution, it shall be referred to as IEEE.

Purpose and Objective:

The purpose of IEEE shall be to:

1. Coordinate activities of interest to all students in the majors of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and other majors as deemed appropriate

2. Act as a liaison to the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science for the students

3. Supply parts to the students at low costs

4. Coordinate a sufficient number of meetings where a special guest speaker attends, or the chapter discusses activity topics on hand

5. Promote student interest in the art and science of engineering as a profession

Qualifications for Membership

1. General

1. Membership in IEEE is open to currently enrolled students of Washington State University who are:

1.1.1. Students in the field of study within the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and,

1.1.2. Students that have paid their yearly dues set by Nationals.

2. Voting Membership

1. Only those students who meet the following qualifications may participate in any election or voting that will affect the IEEE membership population:

2.1.1. Students who qualify for general membership and,

2.1.2. Students who have attended a minimum of two meetings in the current academic year, not including the meeting where voting is to take place, or who have notified the Executive Board of their inability to attend meetings due to schedule conflicts but who still review general meeting minutes and are otherwise a general member in good standing.


1. General

1. All elected officers of IEEE must be voting members

2. Core Executive Board Officers must be able to hold office for an entire academic year.

3. Core Executive Board, excluding the Secretary position, must consist of students of junior or senior standing in the department of EECS.

1.3.1 Chair must have no more than 3 semesters left until graduation.

4. For non-core members who want to hold office for half the academic year, due to graduation in the fall, they must have a replacement by midway through the semester and train them to take over their tasks.

5. The Executive Board will consist of the following positions:

1.5.1. Chair

1.5.2. Vice-Chair

1.5.3. Treasurer

1.5.4. Secretary

1.5.5. Corporate Relations Chair

1.5.6. Computer Chair

1.5.7. Activities Chair

1.5.8. Parts Chair

6. The Core Executive Board will consist of the following subset of officers:

1.6.1. Chair

1.6.2. Vice-Chair

1.6.3. Treasurer

1.6.4. Secretary

1.6.5. Corporate Relations Chair

7. To maintain good standing as an IEEE officer you must:

1.7.1. Miss no more than 2 consecutive officer meetings or general meetings

5.1.a.1. If unable to attend they must have a valid excuse and arrange a meeting with the Chair to discuss the minutes. This will not count as a missed meeting if performed.

1.7.2. Perform duties as described in this constitution

1.7.3. Be respectful to fellow officers, students, faculty, and IEEE as a whole

1.7.4. Take proper precaution to safeguard IEEE property

1.7.5. Not steal

1.7.6. Not grossly misuse IEEE funds

1.7.7. Three-fourths of the officers must agree before an officer loses good standing

8. If an officer loses good standing with IEEE, the Core Officers may ask the offender to make reparations. If the reparations are not met, the offending officer will be asked to step down from their position, and forfeit powers given unto them by the voting populations and may lose some or all privileges of IEEE.

2. Functions and Powers

1. Chair

2.1.1. Preside over all IEEE meetings and functions

2.1.2. Maintain a schedule of events and keep other officers informed of event dates and officer responsibilities

2.1.3. Ensure the objectives of the group are executed in a timely fashion

2.1.4. Assist all other chairs as needed

2.1.5. Ensure Executive Board members are properly functioning and properly motivated

2.1.6. Submit the Registered Student Organization registration to WSU by August of each year

2.1.7. Attend required Registered Student Organization meetings

2.1.8. Will have the deciding vote in all tie-breaking decisions

2. Vice-Chair

2.2.1. Assume the duties of the Chair in the Chair's absence / resignation

2.2.2. Responsible for Planning and Implementing Annual IEEE Career Fair and Junior Dinner. (Dates, Times, Locations, etc.)

2.2.3. Notify and maintain contact with EECS and Career Center regarding Career Events

2.2.4. Assist Treasurer in establishing budget constraints for events

2.2.5. Will oversee and assist Corporate Relations Chair with Company Recruiting

2.2.6. Will work closely with Corporate Relations Chair to ensure effective and consistent career events

2.2.7. Will work closely with all other chairs and give assistance when needed

3. Treasurer

2.3.1. Administer fiscal matters

2.3.2. Maintain financial records

2.3.3. Make deposits

2.3.4. Set up finances for the career fair

2.3.5. Work closely with the chair on all financial matters

4. Secretary

2.4.1. Take minutes at both general and officer meetings. Have minutes approved by officers

2.4.2. Maintain IEEE record book of all agendas, minutes, and reports

2.4.3. Keep updated member list

2.4.4. Ensure an attendance list is passed around at each general meeting for voting privileges

2.4.5. Responsible for IEEE lounge locker registrations

2.4.6. Take attendance at officer meetings

5. Computer Chair

2.5.1. Update the IEEE website as needed

2.5.2. Maintain and update the IEEE office and lounge computers as necessary

2.5.3. Maintain social media presence

2.5.4. Create advertisements for events to ensure all students involved in IEEE are made aware of upcoming meetings/activities by posting flyers, sending emails, and/or any other creative methods as deemed appropriate by the Executive Board in a timely fashion

2.5.5. Create PowerPoints for all IEEE meetings.

2.5.6. Create Instructional PowerPoints for all technical events when needed.

6. Corporate Relations Chair

2.6.1. Maintain current and future contacts with corporations.

2.6.2. Recruit and Invite previous attendees (corporate) to upcoming career events

2.6.3. Responsible for all mailings, emails, and phone recruiting pertaining to career events

2.6.4. Actively recruit new companies that are of interest to the IEEE members for event attendance

2.6.5. Work closely with Vice-Chair to ensure corporate attendance as well as to ensure effective and consistent career events

2.6.6. Arrange and recruit for Tech Talks with the assistance of the Activities Chair

7. Activities Chair

2.7.1. Organize club events and other social and academic activities

2.7.2. Work with Corporate Relations Chair and EECS department to find guest speakers for meetings and organize technical presentations with companies.

2.7.3. Send thank you letters to guest speakers

2.7.4. Create liability forms and ensure that students participating in these events sign the forms. Also maintain and update the forms as needed

2.7.5. Provide timely notification to the Advertising Chair of upcoming events.

8. Parts Chair

2.8.1. Obtain and sell required parts from Digilent for classes

2.8.2. Maintain a strict count of kits/parts and return extras

2.8.3. Manage invoices for parts

2.8.4. Purchase supplies as necessary

2.8.5. Restock IEEE store as needed

2.8.6. Follow food handling guidelines

2.8.7. Set product pricing with final approval from Executive Board

9. Executive Mentor/Senior Past Chair

2.9.1. If an officer has completed at least two terms as an officer, with one of the terms being the Chair position, he may become the Executive Mentor/Senior Past Chair for IEEE. They will provide guidance and help to the club. Responsibilities are defined by the Executive Officer.

10. Temporary Officer Position

2.10.1. Temporary officer positions may be added at any time, up to a maximum of 2 positions, for a maximum of one year.


1. Vacancies

1. Should the office of the Chair become vacant, the Vice-Chair shall assume the position

2. Should any other of the elected offices become vacant, the remaining members of the Executive Board shall appoint someone to fill the vacancy until such time that an election may be held

2. Process

1. Nominations will be taken at the general meeting prior to the general election that voting will be held

2. Nominees will have the opportunity to submit a paragraph or two for posting to the website

3. The day of the election, additional write in nominees will be accepted

4. Each nominee will be given time to speak to the assembly before voting for that position commences


1. IEEE shall hold general meetings at least 2 times throughout each semester.

2. IEEE shall hold Executive Board (officer) meetings at least 4 times throughout each semester

3. General meetings must be announced at least one week in advance


1. Revenue

1. Funds may be generated for the benefit of WSU IEEE and its members

2. Sources of financial support may include

1.2.1. Subsidies from The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

1.2.2. Fund-raising activities

1.2.3. Donations

1.2.4. Board Sales

1.2.5. Store Sales

2. Expenses

1. Funds may be spent for the benefit of WSU IEEE and its members


1. How to Amend

1. This constitution may be amended/updated by a majority vote of two-thirds of the IEEE members or,

2. If a sufficient amount of time has passed that the current Executive Board deems a complete rewrite necessary, the next elected Executive Board may rewrite the Constitution with notification of the members at the general meeting prior to elections. Or,

3. By three-fourths officer vote

2. How Amendments are Proposed

1. Amendments may be proposed by any IEEE member

3. Proposed amendments to this constitution shall be presented at least one general meeting prior to the meeting at which the vote is to take place

4. All amendments must be finalized by the faculty advisor