How to Join

IEEE Membership Information

IEEE members get a discount at the student store, and have unlimited access to the printer in Dana 215.

IEEE student membership offers you the opportunity to develop the skills you will need to be successful in today's complex work environment. IEEE membership, journals and student branch activities will help you while you are a student by providing you with state-of-the-art technical information, exposing you to the latest trends in industry and helping you make important personal contacts with working engineers.

IEEE student membership is open to undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled in at least 50% of a normal, full-time course of study in electrical, electronics or computer engineering or computer sciences, or in an allied branch of engineering, engineering technology or the related arts and sciences.

IEEE student membership currently costs $32 per year and includes a subscription to Spectrum (the professional IEEE magazine) and Potentials (a student oriented publication). For varying additional fees you can optionally join one or more IEEE Societies, many of which also include a magazine.

IEEE student membership application forms are available online. You are welcome to use our computer in Dana 215 to fill out your application.

Make sure to select the box for "Student Membership" and include the information about Washington State University.